B&W 801N and Bryston match

I have a pair of B&W 801N as part of a home theater system and I'm looking to upgrade my amplifiers. I like Bryston because of their warrenty and pricing on the used market. If you had a choice between upagrading the amp to run the 801N only would you choose the Bryston 4B SST or the Bryston 7B ST. I know I would be sacrificing some power going to the 4B SST but would the benefits of the SST line be worth it?
In my opinion, the SST sounds better than the ST. However, the 7BSTs are better suited to the 801s as they crave a lot of juice. So really, the ideal is to go with the 7BSST in the Bryston line, imo.
A sound made in hell... Bryston and 801s. Not sure I have ever heard a combination with Bryston sounding worthy (2 channel). The 7BSST is said to be good.

Trouble with B&W is you need a great deal of power. Classe big monos sound good. Why not try some class D power if only using for HT?
I'm not sure about the 801n but the older 801's needed a pair of Bryston 4's to make them sing. I am listening to that set-up now. 500 watts to keep the bottom from getting flabby. They sure sound good together, lot's of horsepower though.
The 801n sounds perfect in a home theatre set-up, it should be very nice when your done. Good luck and happy listening.
So you have the 801 Matrix, Zenblaster? Which series?

Yeah, I bet. That's a nice alternative to a pair of 7Bs.