B&W 802 D2 Capacitors Worth Upgrading?

After just getting a pair of 802D2’s in mint condition, after having to replace a blown tweeter, and succeeding (I know not a big deal), I started wondering about replacing the crossovers.  The speakers could be up to 12 years old so the capacitors in the crossovers should have another 12 years of life before they go out of spec.  I thought of just replacing the crossovers with new ones available on B&W’s site, now, just to reset the ~25y clock on the capacitor’s lifespan.  But then I watched a few YouTube’s of guys upgrading to crazy high-end caps.  Supposedly doing this can improve the speed or reduce the latency of the crossover.

I’ve not dug into this yet, but just wondering if anyone has any experience with this?  Questions:

-Is this worth doing?

-Why type of capacitors do I need?  And which brand/models are “the best”.

-Where do I get them?

-Any special tips when soldering for HiFi?  I know how to solder but have zero experience soldering for HiFi and wondering if I should be using a certain type of solder for Audiophile applications.  What am I thinking, of course there is such a thing as Audiophile solder, and it forms micro ultra low capacitance conductors, applies power correction and noise cancelation, improves the dialectics and it costs $5,000 a spool….  Ok got carried away there.

Also thinking about upgrading the internal crap wiring to something high end.

Thoughts, from anyone with experience doing these things?





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@allenf1963 , I think that part of the tubed pre in front of SS amp appeal might be related to heat and maintenance. Meaning that an amp that utilizes output tubes can run pretty hot and also requires occasional bias checks & adjustments and also that the output tubes are probably the tubes that are going to require the most frequent replacement, whereas the smaller tubes most often used in the pre will usually last a lot longer. A lot longer. Thus, a "hypbrid" set up of a tubed pre in front of a SS amp gives one a bit of the vacuum tube flavor without as much maintenance. Also, some might argue (and I might be one who would now also make this argument) that the preamp might have more of an effect on the sonic presentation than the amp.

About 30 years ago, I actually started out the opposite--a ss HT preamp in front of a tube amp. I didn’t think that my system really started to sing & sound delicious until a few years later when I upgraded to a tube preamp (a second hand Cary SLP-90) in front of my tube amp..

As far as other preamps (besides ARC) to consider, most everyone may tell you that whatever they are running with is the way to go. A few years ago I upgraded to a 6SN7 based Cary SLP-05 and it did impart sonic characteristics (more air and imaging resulting in a larger & more defined soundstage) that I truly enjoy, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


I found this post and this 802D2 upgrade journey while asking myself the same question as the OP. The final replacement design is not documented in the writeup. However, they provide diagrams of the OEM crossovers and preform analysis of per-driver characteristics.