B&W 802d - Power, Help/ Opinion please

I have B&W 802D, i need better amps, Im going second hand. I am as of right now tossing up between Bryston 7b ST's ($3800 for pair year 2000ish or a Mark Levinson 432 (5.5K) Please do advise as I have no idea i haven't seen or heard either.
By all means pros & cons for the prices listed. what do you think. cheers.
There's a high end store here in town that carries both the Levinson gear and B&W speakers. I've heard the B&W 800D and 802D speakers run with Levinson gear quite a few times. I don't know if I actually ever heard it with the 432, but the B&Ws always sounded good to me with the Levinson gear. The 432 is 400/800 watts into 8/4 ohms, so that should be plenty. I ran my B&W Silver Signatures with a 50 watt Krell KSA-50S for years.

I've never heard the Bryston amps, so I can't be of any help here.

while I can't speak to the Levinson component I would advise (having owned a variety of Bryston amps) I would not go for the "ST" version. If you are looking in the $5K range then look at the "SST2" version as they will be a better match with the B&W speakers. The "ST" models are 2 versions older than the current "SST2" model designation.

An alternate choice would be higher powered Classe amps.
Thanks for the opinions, i have considered Classe but its availability in Australia as extremely limited, i think i would also balk at the price of a pair of Classe pwr amps. By all means if you know where i can find some cheap let me know.
I had best also add that my source is a PC so i have access to a very in depth EQ to fill any gaps in a various range of amplifiers.
Initially i steered away from gear with Digital control and LCD screens etc because i intend on keeping this gear for years and repairing digital components is impossible as opposed to varistors and pots for tone controls etc.

I am open to any suggestions and i would appreciate any opinions of any type even if you having a go at me or something I have said. Its the only way im going to be able to extract expertise gained from the wealth of experience here.

Many Thanks - Scott