B&W 802D vs 800 Nautilus

Given the choice between these two speakers which would you choose and why? Has anyone compared the two?? How would they compare against an older pair of 801 ser II's
Thanks, Jim
I had the 801 II and currently have 800N. The 800N's are superior in every way - dramatically so. Much better high end, better high end.
I am not overly familiar with the B&W line, however
I would think the 802D matched with a good amp/amps would produce some very good sonics.

I did listen extensivly to a home system with B&Ws 8OOD speakers driven with ASR Emitter Exclusive.

B&Ws diamond tweeter technology is quite good adding air within the sound stage from top to bottom, noted with analogue play back.
A friend had 801 S3's and I have Signature 800's (esentially N800's). No comparison. The N800's are much better.

The 802D is supposed to have a better tweeter. I have not heard them. The big factor is the size of your room. If it is better mated to an 802 or if it needs an 800 to fill it up.

For either make sure that you have about 600 to 800 wpc at 4 ohms and amps that can deliver good current.
i had owned the 802's and then moved up to the 800d's. i no longer own the 800's though. i will tell you that the 800's are a step or 2 over the 802's, d's or not. the bottom end is a big improvement. i do not believe the diamond tweeter made that big a diference, if any at all.
Hmmm. I had the Sig800s for a bit but settled on the 802Ds because the diamond tweeter and crossover mods made a big difference.