B&W 803 matrix ...too big for my room?? 12x11x8

There's a pair of B&W 803 matrix series 2 for sale, my room is 12'x11'x8'. do ye think these would be too big? Thanks.
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Depends on which ones you'd be buying....
They -might- be WAYYYYY too large for your room ! :)
I have the 803 matrix s2 and 801 matrix s3. Is the room for music only or a family room. Reason I ask - as long as then can be placed well into the room 5 - 6ft. and sitting nearfield as Elizabeth said.
You don't need a whole lot of room behind them though the more you can get the better.I sold B&W during transition from Matrix to Nautilus.I liked the 805M and 802M(which I owned) and 801M.Can't say I dug the 803M.My boss had them and like they came up short (imaging,depth,you name it) compared to 802M III.If you can swing those or a 805 with a sub much better.Newer Nautilus series it was 805N and 803N that I thought were hot tickets.BTW even in smaller room you want power.Though nominal 8 ohm and high 80's all B&W's have impedance dip and thirst for current.I would want 150/200 watts SS.-Hey just saw add-those are older and smaller than II or III.They might work.Bas and mids might be OK but really you'd be better of with a B&W 602S2 or 3 for same price (sans stands) for room fit and highs.Just my opinion.Or look for some CDM7 bookshelves give up bass and have a solid (literally solid wood) with Kevlar drivers.Sometimes a deal isn't a deal.For $450 to $750 you could get much more up to date Brit sound or just a better speaker.These are not Quad 57's if you know what I mean.