B&W 803 matrix ...too big for my room?? 12x11x8

There's a pair of B&W 803 matrix series 2 for sale, my room is 12'x11'x8'. do ye think these would be too big? Thanks.
Depends on which ones you'd be buying....
They -might- be WAYYYYY too large for your room ! :)
I have the 803 matrix s2 and 801 matrix s3. Is the room for music only or a family room. Reason I ask - as long as then can be placed well into the room 5 - 6ft. and sitting nearfield as Elizabeth said.
You don't need a whole lot of room behind them though the more you can get the better.I sold B&W during transition from Matrix to Nautilus.I liked the 805M and 802M(which I owned) and 801M.Can't say I dug the 803M.My boss had them and like they came up short (imaging,depth,you name it) compared to 802M III.If you can swing those or a 805 with a sub much better.Newer Nautilus series it was 805N and 803N that I thought were hot tickets.BTW even in smaller room you want power.Though nominal 8 ohm and high 80's all B&W's have impedance dip and thirst for current.I would want 150/200 watts SS.-Hey just saw add-those are older and smaller than II or III.They might work.Bas and mids might be OK but really you'd be better of with a B&W 602S2 or 3 for same price (sans stands) for room fit and highs.Just my opinion.Or look for some CDM7 bookshelves give up bass and have a solid (literally solid wood) with Kevlar drivers.Sometimes a deal isn't a deal.For $450 to $750 you could get much more up to date Brit sound or just a better speaker.These are not Quad 57's if you know what I mean.
Their is a pair of CM4's which would not overload the room,sound much better though with less bass,and be able to move in for near field as Elizabeth suggests doing is fun.Easier to place.They are $750 OBO.There is a pair of 602's which bass will be their more but "looser" and won't give coherence and mids CM floorstander will but I would still rather have the 602 then a late 80's 803.7's might be out of your price range so that CM looked like a much better way to spend a few more bucks and needs less power
Bluewaxx - unless you just came up with 803 matrix s2 because of an ad, you must have heard them and liked them. Alot of people did. They are very highly rated speakers one of the best in the matrix line for what one paid for. 804's were the exception. I have 803's and 805's in my HT setup and 801's in my 2 ch sound room. Many consider the matrix line B&W 's finest. If these speakers are in greast shape and a decent price... well the choice is yours. I also own cdm1's. I would stick to the 800's series if you can. And yes an amplifier rated at least close their maximum rating is recommended.