B&W CDM1 SE tweeter grille fix?

Hey All,

Can anyone tell me how to remove the tweeter grill from a B&W CDM1 SE? I don't want to just start exploratory surgery with a screwdriver without knowing what I'm doing.

FedEx just brought me a pair of B&W CDM1-SE's which I purchased here on Audiogon. Unfortunately one of the tweeter domes was smushed either in packing or in shipping. Hopefully this will not affect tweeter performance; but it most certainly bothers me to look at since this is my first ever decent pair of speakers, and I'm afraid to fire them up with the grille pushed that close to the tweeter. I'm guessing that I will have to remove the grille in order to try un-smushing it.

Little help?

Just pull it off gently, no tools required. Years ago, I owned the original CDM1, same grille.

Use this link and navigate to the CDM1 SE, you will see a drawing that should help you understand.

THANK YOU! I'll give that a shot tonight.

What a helpful resource- thanks for sharing!