B&W D3 vs. Monitor Audio Platinum II

I'm starting to think about speaker upgrades now, possibly in the next 5-10 months or so.  I would like to upgrade my left/center/right speakers to something new.  I currently have the B&W 805 D2 / HTM2 D2 with a Krell S1200 and Emotiva XPR-1 amps.   I have read a lot about D2 vs D3 so I am well aware of how B&W has changed.

My short list has come down to these two choices:

- B&W 805 D3 and HTM1 D3

- Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 II and PLC350 II

Please do not respond with messages such as "B&W sucks and Monitor is awsome".  I'm sure that either of these choices would be a good choice.  What I would like is comments from people who have heard both and can describe the sonic character of each speaker or discuss the differences in an objective fashion.  I have read about other brands such as Wilson, Focal, Sonus Faber, Martin Logan.  I have come down to the B&W or Monitor Audio on my short list.

I own Monitor Audio PL500 IIs, after owning Wilson Audio Sophia 2s, 3s, Sasha Is, Revel F52s, Revel F208s, Aerial 7Ts, and many more. To "my" ears the PL500 IIs are the most chameleon like speakers I've ever owned. They provide what the recording allows...if the recording is forward sounding, that's what you will hear. If it's laid back, that's what you will hear. I do submit they are closer to neutral sounding than they are to being forward. The way my PL500 IIs are voiced allows me to listen for hours without fatigue; even if I turn it up!
@ricred1 - are you located anywhere near Central California? lol.  Would love to listen to Monitor Audio Platinum, but we don't have any local dealer showrooms.
I'd go for the 805 D3 over PL100 II's from what I've heard. With that said the PL200 II's and up are very good speakers and I wouldn't even consider B&W D3 series over them. 
I really enjoy them, but one man's medicine is another man's poison! We have a crazy, crazy hobby!
@james_w514 - I can't do floor standers.  I would have to limit the left/right channels to bookshelves because they need to sit on top of my subwoofers.  They are gigantic subs that I built myself.  They are about the same size as a SVS PB16-Ultra. lol.