B&W design quality observation. Any downside

I just took the baffle off a pair of B&W Concept 90 CM1's from 1991. I wanted to tighten the woofer drivers to the baffle. I was surprised to find the spider for the woofer was cast in 1 piece with the front baffle! Certainly no tightening required.(It confirmed the B&W ethic of good quality to me. The rubberized/elastic seal between baffle and speaker was also in perfect condition. I was left to tighten the tweeters to the baffle and the baffle to the body-which made a very noticeable improvement to the clarity, dynamics and smoothness of the sound
I am impressed by this design; it seems sensible when technically feasible as it absolutely eliminates any chance of loosening from the baffle-which is the bane of ALL speakers where the drive units are affixed to the baffle.
I wonder why some of these so called "ultra high end speakers (Magico, Yg Acoustics) don't use this type of design.
Is there a downside I am not considering?
There are still many speakers and amps as well who cannot give a very deep and wide stage. Ofcource it doens't matter were it is made. Audio is all about sound quality. There are many speakers which wil not give a lot of depth and wide. Most presentations at shows are 2-dimensional.
Bo: Again, you're referring to an old discontinued speaker, which is actually really good to be honest. Thanks for admitting that you've never heard the Synthesis line. I swear that you wrote that JBL are 2-D and lacking in depth with poor crossovers. I'm almost positive in fact. Imo, I think JBL Synthesis smokes Monitor Audio and is as good or better than the B&W 800 series. This is of course opinion, and not fact.

The first times I have cross paths with Bo on this forum I have tried to reason with him, but as you all here know, trying to have a dialog with him is like trying to have a dialog with a talking parrot. Over time I grew tired with him trashing one post after another and I have expressed my dissatisfaction with him quite a few times. I have even alerted the moderators about him. Strangely enough, I was most often in minority - people seemed to be more amused by his bad English than annoyed his lack of respect for the threads and the contributors to this forum. I am very glad to finally find a thread where I am not in minority anymore. :)

You are not alone Paul and I believe you are actually in the majority. I think our friend Bo has lost so much credibility here at Audiogon, that most don't even bother to comment anymore.

As amusing as his inability to spell or write a coherent sentence is, that was never what I objected to. It is his almost condescending manner to push his opinions, based on his mere perceptions and nothing more, as absolute fact. And, as you point out, disrespect other contributors of this forum in the process.

His thread asking for comparisons of B&W 800 D series speakers vs. those that he touts isn't exactly going his way either. He rebutted one of my earlier posts by advising he was going to create it and I should follow it closely.

Well I am Bo, I am. And, I rest my case.
Hi Paul: Exactly right. And we don't need any infighting in an already small community of people. But, it exists, too much in fact. And I would say that there's more Bo's out there, but Bo is certainly one of a kind that's for sure! lol. :D