B&W, Dynaudio, Dali or what else?

I currently own a pair of Dali Helicon 800's but want to upgrade to the next level. In other words I am looking at Dali MS 5's, Dynaudio C2/C4 or B&W 802D's. Any opinion on either speaker would be welcome as well as recommendations for other well designed speakers. Amplification is ARC LS25/or SF Line2 SE and VT100MkII. Please no one liners with statements such as, buy the XY model from company ABC they are just the best. I'd like a little bit more detail for the money I am about to spend.


I can't offer up comparisons, but I can report being a very satisfied Dynaudio C2 owner. My room is 14x19x8 and I like listening to rock, jazz and blues predominantly, with all genres except country in the mix. If large speakers were easier to move around and ship, I'd love to try the C4's to see if they're an improvement or overwhelm a room my size, but that's probably just the nervosa coming through. The C2's driven by SimAudio W-10's are just plain fun.
HJow about used Vantedgardes Duo's or Unos?Or maybe the $20ZK Joseph and Thiel.Verity but you have to pay to play.Great but beter values for money are ou there.Revel???Maybe the speakers that have best bang for buck are the Ushers and the Dancers series may be your ticket.They are so close in diver tech that companies like Scan speak have sued them.But other see hungry company with a certied Henrey Kloss,Nelson Pass,Bopb Carver level "Audiogod" in Dan D'Appelitto (sic) doing their cabinets and a best for the money neginering staff not to wrroied about p[atenmt infringement making the drivers and crossovers.My freidn who went top large west cost show said they ha ,given price points and even idependent of them, one of the best rooms.

I Just mentioned Avantegarde fist becauise it is diferent tech but in large room with an ARC VT100 could be heaven.Sojust thought I'd go beyond.I used top sell B&W and thought the 803 nautiolus was best value in line.Now with new tweter and as much depth as non "D" 802's worht the hump but you can't find them used yet and for new price their are many products.This you have to think at this level of synergy and your have new and used two levesl with great choices.haven't heard them but new $10K Zu Cables have 70-80% of folks jut plottzing over them saying there new SOTA at thier price point but also have heartd just as much passion from those who are there detractors saying "couldn't get them (or lower $2,800 model-they only make 3 models) couldn't lift your system to new hights even with a Crane."Justa few itesm thrown out.And last since the jaw drop phenomena was universal the DEQX processor technology at $3,600 new ($2500 give or take used) sine they made what was obvious limited and omodest NHT Xd satellites and sub made evrybody cratch thier head when introduced two years agho at CES I mention them in combination with speakers.We have heard it so many time bfore but if you read reviews of DEQX pre/proce and NHT Xd system you know this could damn well be the future.
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Sonicmaster aka Ken:
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It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

I have the Dali MS 4 with a really terrific subwoofer and the speakers are amazing setup that way!

The B&W are bland and don't soundstage as well.

The Dynaudio's are very good but the Dali ribbon tweeter is amazing!

The other speakers out there that are the next level are the Usher BE 20 which is in reality a $40k speaker for less than $20k and the Escalante Freemont.

The Usher uses a pure Beryillium midrange and tweeter and offers amazing resolution and speed, the bass is provided by dual 10 inch Eton woofers the same that Kharma uses!

The Escalante Freemont is a radical new design from the brilliant Thiery Budge. Thiery was the head engineer for both Wilson and Talon. The Freemont's are explosivly dynamic and offer terrific bass. The soundstage is very wide as well. This is a fascinating design.

I am a dealer for all three depending on where you live you may want to pop in for a session.
Thanks a lot guys. This is a lot of info that I have to chew on for a while. I kind of stumbled into a small Audio Show last year in Norway and had chance to listen to the B&W 802D, plus some of the larger Usher speakers. I wasn't to impressed with either of them but part of me thought that it had something to do with the environment and the music they were demoed with and that is why I in the end included the 802's in my short list. I've owned several smaller Dyn's and always liked them especially their imaging, until I went to several live(unamplified) music events only to realize that the imaging was a bit over the top. I was certainly thinking about auditioning the speakers before buying but that is the very problem. I live in norhtern VT and the next dealer is about 3-4 hours away. This is there very reason to involve the help from you fellow Audiogoners. I don't want to drive for hours just to listen to something that is not up my alley. Thanks for all the help so far.