B&W Matrix 802 S3 pairing with McIntosh amp

Has anyone heard the B&W Matrix 802 series 3 driven by a McIntosh MC7200 amp? Do these make a good pairing? I listen to rock, jazz, latin, in a good sized room (13W x 33D x 11H).

B&W and Mac are regarded by many as a good combo. I haven't heard either piece, but own MC275 (tubes) and 804s and love the match. I have heard at my dealer's larger B&W (803D, 802D, 800D) driven by Mac solid state (MC402, MC501) and was a great match.

For your specific match, however, you might want to inquire at the Mac forum (www.audiokarma.org) as there are probably people who own or have heard this specific combination.

My 2 cents
Both of those pieces are terrific values for the money. You'll love the bass response from the 802's after having lived with the 600 series. I've heard many McIntosh / B&W systems and they make a great match. Good luck. Let us know if you decide to go for it.
I owned the M802's with the Mac MC300 years ago - of 4 other amps I had had up to the point it was the best. The B&W's like power, not sure what the 7200 is rated at. Mine only sounded great with the higher wattage (I owned 2 300 w/ch amps with the 802's - before that the speakers sounded a bit congested). But yes, a good combo.
Is the Mac all tubes? Might not be right for the ultimate in bass slam. I like solid St, with tube pre
McIntosh/B&W are great together. I've used this combo for years with different McIntosh solid state amps. Most recently 802 Matrix S3 with a MC402. A classic combo!