B&W Matrix 802 S3 pairing with McIntosh amp

Has anyone heard the B&W Matrix 802 series 3 driven by a McIntosh MC7200 amp? Do these make a good pairing? I listen to rock, jazz, latin, in a good sized room (13W x 33D x 11H).

I owned the M802's with the Mac MC300 years ago - of 4 other amps I had had up to the point it was the best. The B&W's like power, not sure what the 7200 is rated at. Mine only sounded great with the higher wattage (I owned 2 300 w/ch amps with the 802's - before that the speakers sounded a bit congested). But yes, a good combo.
Is the Mac all tubes? Might not be right for the ultimate in bass slam. I like solid St, with tube pre
McIntosh/B&W are great together. I've used this combo for years with different McIntosh solid state amps. Most recently 802 Matrix S3 with a MC402. A classic combo!