B&W MT-60D vs Paradigm MilleniaOne Home Theater

Hi all...having a tough time deciding between the B&W Mini Theater MT-60D consisting of 5 M1s and 1 PV1D sub vs 5 MilleniaOne speakers and a MilleniaOne Sub. I would like a Reference grade sub-sat system and my budget is $3000. Any thoughts and suggestions at the earliest would be much appreciated.
Is the $3000 for the whole system or just the speakers? If you're only buying speakers, what equipment will you be using?
I owned three sets of Paradigm floorstanders and the minute I replaced them I realized my mistake in choosing them.

Of course you should try to audition to fulfill your personal taste.

I would suggest looking into a matched set of Pioneer's Andrew Jones designed SP-C22 center channel speakers @ $99.99 each and the rest of your budget on Velodyne or JL Audio subwoofer/s. Don't let their low price fool you these things work. The money you save can go towards a real sub/s.

I set up a 7.1 system for a friend. We auditioned both Pioneer bookshelf and center channel versions and the centers won hands down.
Zd542: I'm planning on using a NAD T-758. The system includes 5 M1 speakers and 1 PV1D sub.

Thanks so much for your input M-db. Will audition the Andrew jones speakers too.