B&W N802: Which amp??

I just purchased a pair of N802 and I was planning on buying a Pass X250 from a friend but he decided to keep it. So now I'm trying to decide between an Pass X250.5 and a McIntosh MC402. Any thoughts??
I drive my B&W 802 Diamond by pair of Spectron Musician III monoblocks and all tube Joule-Electra LA-300ME preamp. These speakers LUV power but they love finesse may be more.... I am extremely happy with this combo and cannot recommend it highly enough.
I run my N802's with a Conrad Johnson CT-5 preamp into a C-J ET250s power amp. I think they sound great to my ears. Previosly had a pair of Marantz sm11 amps running in monoblock. I also thought these were great. Previous to that, had a MF308. Very good, but the last two set ups were a definite improvement.

My $.02.
I do agree with Dancer on the Krell FPB 400cx amps. My experience with 801N went from Bryston 7BST, Classe M1000, PassLab 600, Macintosh MC501 and finally stopped at Krell FPB650mc.

OK, this was a L-O-N-G time ago but I was pretty spellbound at Woodbridge Stereo in NJ with their demo of the N802 and a Pass X350 (when the Pass X series was first introduced).