B&W Nautilus 800 vs 802D

I have noticed that the 802D's have started to come down in price and it's not unusual to find a pair of 800's at the same asking price here in Audiogon. I am shopping around and would like to know what other Audiogoners think about these two speakers? I have listend to the 802D's and liked them but not the 800's. I like the looks of the 800 but than again the weight of the 800's might be an issue. I will be loooking to match them up with McIntosh equipment. Specifically a MC-402 and C46.
Side Note: B&W is interesting because so many people have opinions on the speakers. I have owned the 805's, 803's, and 802's. I agree that these speaker's aren't perfect but for the price and sound, I think there really good. I personally have only heard one speaker that blows the 802D's out of the water and that was the Wilson's Maxx, but people forget that speaker's like Wilson and JM Focal Utopia costs thousands more.
I also think B&W works universally well with most audio products on the market. Some speakers you have to be careful what equipment you match them up with. Just my thoughts of B&W.
I played with the 802N for over 6 years. I heard the 802D, and I really liked the sound of it in the middle and high's. But I noticed that it gives the same hum in the low freq as the 802N did. This was the reason why I wanted something else. I bought the 800's in Januari this year. You cannot compare it with the 802N. There is no hum in the low freq. The high's are a lot better than the 802N with the tweeter that goed to 50.000 hz. The middle freq are more open. And the low en midd bass is awesome. With the right equipment it can go a step further than the 802D can. But you need a very powerfull amp and a source of a high level. When you have a room smaller than 40mm2 and not a poweramp at least of 300 watts per channel I would buy the 802D, but when you have the room and the right equipment I would go for the 800
The 800 has so much more authority in the whole freq. spectrum. I never expected the difference between the 802N and 800 would be that big. The 10 inch units gives you the advantage of a much better midd bass and control in the low freq. I also found the sound of the low freq. of the 802D sounded a little like a subwoofer. But it is so much better than the 802N. The 802N lacked control. And yes the 800 looks so much nicer than the 802D does. When I see the old photo's at my laptop of the 802N, the difference is getting bigger every time.
I have not heard the 802d but I cannot understand where all these glowing reviews are coming from for the 800N. They honk and bark like a wounded goose and have acheived better bass from monitors. Check other threads on the 800's, its always about wheres the bass and what amps to use. I tried Mcintosh, levinson, MBL and both previous owner and myself couldnt get this speaker to go anywhere close to full range. Wonder if the 10 cone that has an 80% mass of a dustcap has anything to do with it, these speakers did nothing for me. JMO, calling it as I hear it.
All I can say is ... I heard the 800's and I started a savings account. The smaller B&W series just didn’t fit my style so I had given up on B&W to go with something else. Then I heard the 800's. It was all I could do to not sell my truck ... It might take a couple of years BUT I have no doubts - that speaker is in a league of its own. I have NOT heard the 802D series BUT I have read the reviews and details on B&W's site. I'm going with what I know ... I could go on and on but for me the bottom line; for 10-12 grand it has the exact sound I'm looking for.

PS - The combo that sounded so good:

Levinson Power (334)
Levinson Pre (380)
Sony SACD (777 ES)
Audioquest "mid-range" cables

I have seen the B&W/Mac combo praised many times so I think it would make sweet sounds as well.
When I bought the 802N I had the change to buy for a very small price the 335 ML poweramp of the distributer. I just had the Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 300 power. But the Nu-Vista was much more musical, had more depth information ans also more resolution. The new Levinson is better than the older Levinson. But I never heard the involvement I like. I changed the transformers of the Nu-Vista with E-tansfomers. The sound is really improved, and the control in the bass is awesome.

My system: Nautilus 800N, Meridian 800 DAX v4 ( latest model), modified NU-Vista 300, Nordost Valhalla Bi-amp cable, Acapella cinch with WBT nextgen, 2 Valhalla powercabels and Valhalla between PSU and Power of the Nu-vista, Newest Purist Audio Aqueous powercable, KE Powersource ( conditioner )

Result; a very musical system which plays extremely three-demensional and has a lot of power in the low freq. and a resolution to die for.