B&W Nautilus 804 - how good are they

I am currently listening with:

Infinity RS625

Tektron M Lore

Athena Technologies Audition Series AS-F2-1

Mission 774

Subwoofer Dayton 18-22 sealed with L/T1300 amp


I am considering buying (very low end of the price range, but substantial investment for MY budget, 1 hour away, prior audition) a B&W Nautilus 804. 

i want to bring one pair of my speakers, but have NOT gone through enough side by side testing to determine which of the above my FAVORITE is. Main system is in VERY large (volume) room (2.5 story great room, open to hallway, 2.5 story entry, kitchen). Onkyo TX-RX810 amp. 

Before spending time and effort to audition:

a) which of the above should I bring and why (just opinions obviously)

b) can I expect the Nautilius 804 to be a major upgrade to any of the ones i have? 

Likes: soft highs (no sharp "ESSESS"), 'painting a large picture'. 



The Nautilus line is not representative of current models of B&W.  They are more relaxed on the top end and actually present a very nice sound.  I'd say go for it if the price is consistent with used prices.

When Diamond tweeters were introduced, their tonal balance shifted.  The Nautilus is the last line before this introduction.  There is a reason the Nautilus line (especially the 802) still holds strong values.

I have the diamond version of 802 and 805 and I do like their sound - especially for classical music. They might be geared towards that (not sure but many seem to agree that they do classical well). 


They can be found in many recording studios and there must be a reason for that as well.


Speakers are personal so you got to hear them and love them, although researching and asking questions are also good - let your ears be the final judge, preferably with your front end (especially the amp section).



The 804`s are fine for a 22x13x8 room. For a larger room you describe, I recomend the 803`s, or 802`s.