B&W Nautilus vs Nautilus

Just thinking out loud but I've been thinking the average John doesn't know the difference between the two, which is why the older Nautilus series is commanding good prices in the robust B&W secondary market. My dealer mentioned that the 803S is pretty 'up there' with the older 802 Nautilus, maybe better. Comments?
If your dealer said it, it must be true, and yes, they are not very good. The only reason that these "old" speakers command decent prices is that they look like the new ones.

Can you image living with the technology from 5 years ago?

I don't know how but I have managed to live with N801's and now S800's.

All kidding aside, go listen to a pair. N802's are dipping below $5000 a pair. Quite a deal.
I doubt the 803S is better than the 802N, but possibly the 803D is with the diamond tweeter. Still, the old 800 Nautilus range is excellent and worth buying at good prices.