B&W Rip-Off

Here is a good one, What a cheep ripoff of some B&W speakers.

I have no experience with the product or the seller, but frankly, the smarmy dismissal of all audiophile things Chinese on Audiogon is comical. I have a $400 Jungson integrated amp that I bought 2nd hand here for $325 that makes the Audiolab 8000A which retailed for close to $1000 15 years ago that I replaced it with look and sound like a cheap mass market receiver from Best Buy. There may be some junk coming out of China, but there is also some VERY high end equipment being manufactured there and sold at VERY reasonable prices. And most of it appears to be from Chinese companies, as opposed to other non-Chinese companies who are now having their products built there and still charging very non-Chinese prices.
Edesilva the bid is starting at 700 clams so your argument loses a little steam.

But, geez, what if there is only one bid? Since BZB is a retail shop, would he post a minimum bid that was lower that what he was really willing to sell for? Since he is the only importer, ya think he might be able to arbitrarily manipulate what the "retail" price is? Do you really think, that if anyone wanted these, they would engage in a bidding war when the seller seems to have a large supply and has posted a minimum bid of $700?

Your understanding of auction economics is rivaled only by your idolatry of form over substance.