I know that these two Companies are at the front of the current Tweeter Wars (Diamond vs Beryllium). I know that B&W sells more Speakers and that FOCAL produces more expensive Speakers (Nova & Grand Utopia), but is one generally considered to be better than the other?

I'm looking to make a High-End Speaker purchase this month and have narrowed it down to these two Manufacturers.

Owners opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I had the same problem. 802D's vs Diva Be's. I fell in love with the Divas. 802Ds had more bottom end but the divas were much more smooth and even. Even set up correctly, the 802s never seemed to disappear like the divas. I prefer a bit warmer more forgiving speaker. Would rather enjoy the music than listen for flaws in the recording.

I'm using Arcam FMJ DV-29A, AV9 and P7 to drive the divas. The sound may be completely different depending on your equip.

Just FYI, I got the chance to tour the Focal factory and EVERY cone is handmade and individually tested. There is more inside the Be tweeter than the literature shows. Internal build quality is second to none. I'm not in the biz or anything, just happen to be a hobbyist in the right place at the right time.

E-mail if you have specific questions.
Berryllium, Diamond, Titanium...whatever happened to good old silk. Ive owned 2 and auditioned the diamond, if there is a tweeter war going on all 3 take a back seat to silk and tubes in my book. Last staw was a wilson sophia/ levinson demo..after lacerating my eardrum I could never listen to anything else.
Love the sound of a silk tweeter, but for some reason it's considered "old school".
Which line from each company are you deciding between? Hard to go wrong with either, but people may have more opinions on the specifics. Nice "problem" to have, by the way!!