B&W vs. Sonus Faber

803 d3 vs Sonus Faber Olympica nova v. These are comparably priced, about $16k.

have heard both in separate rooms with diff equipment. Both sound quite good. Trying to decide.
Interested in any opinions, or other options.

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The SF G's are an incredible speaker that I think have few if any peers. Certainly I can think of no stand mount that betters them. Adding a sub (or two) is the way to go, but it needs to be a fast and agile sub. 
B&W's tempt me on occasion as well, but all i have to do is go for an extensive listening session, and I come away with exactly the same impression as you do. The G's are going nowhere.
ok , let your ears be the judge 
However +1 to @arafiq #arafiq who could not be more spot on :

"I've been a victim of buying speakers based on what appealed to me during a short 30-minute demo at the dealer. I have found that SF speakers, at least the ones I auditioned (Olympica line; old and Nova) are not that impressive during short auditions since nothing stands out. B&W on the other hand will grab your attention immediately. Once you take them home, YMMV. SF has this intimate, delicate presentation that can only be enjoyed in your home while sipping a glass of whiskey. I disagree with the poster who said that SF are only good for classical music. They are extremely good for jazz, blues, vocals, classic/soft rock. Although, if you like to rock out, scratch SF off your list. They're not bad for serious rock or electronic music, but definitely not their forte."

"Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting that one is better than the other, just that auditions, while better than none, can sometimes be misleading. "

As an avid music listener for 50 years - I just purchased my first 5 Classical Albums - and had never listened to SF playing through  SF Speakers before . 

AS  an  owner  of both brands I must QUESTION  what is it that you are looking for ?  I personally lean to SF as I prefer a smoother all day listening opportunity .   

I recently acquired 30 YO ProAC 3.5 speakers which I believe somehow is giving me the best of both worlds > strange to me but it is working extremely well. I would have preferred purchasing  Devore Nines - and John advised if I loved SF that his would  be more than pleasing  to my ears. HOWEVER,  being the previously owned  buyer that I am the PROAC's were available and I said yes! 

NEITHER Speaker  IS A BAD CHOICE - unless you don't like them 
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