B&W vs. Sonus Faber

803 d3 vs Sonus Faber Olympica nova v. These are comparably priced, about $16k.

have heard both in separate rooms with diff equipment. Both sound quite good. Trying to decide.
Interested in any opinions, or other options.

It may sound odd, but have you considered hauling your gear to the hi-fi store that owns the B&W and SF speakers?

Run it by the shop owner, and if he’s hip here’s what I suggest.

Take your equipment there a day before your audition, plug it in and leave it on over night.

Come back the following day with 2 extra large coffees, 1 for him 1 for you, a hand full of your favourate tunes and spend the day listening to your music.

Go home, sleep on it - then - make a decision.
I prefer the relatively brightness of b&W's over Sonus Faber's apparent roll off in the upper extreme.  If your electronics are not truly excellent, the Sonus Faber might sound better to you.  In less esoteric systems, Yamaha calls this the Sweet Yamaha sound, if I remember correctly.  A Sequerra tuner reminds me of this, from when I had a Phase Linear amp that was a bit harsh in the upper ranges, compared to later, not too much more expensive amps.
Thing is, SF sound signature is changing. Going from Olympica in 2013  to Nova Olympica 2019 gives some changes in tonal balance in the highs especially. Its more forward now, more energy from 8 khz and upwards without compromize spatial sound.
Having said that, I have never got "foot" playing on Bowers and Wilkins. Maybe tonal is good ,but they have never played music like my Nova 3 does..
So hard to chose.  Maybe do a blend.  Buy SF for left side and BW for right side.  Best of both worlds.