B&W what amp is best solid state or tube... guess

B&W is one of the most renowned speakers in the world. maybe not the best but close to the best sounding for it's innovation in terms of there research facility,Hugh factory on sound and how it gets from the amp through the speaker cable and into the speaker, through the crossover network and into the speaker pushing the cone from the driver magnet. amazing isn't it. well I have listened to many amps through the b&w speaker the 801 lets just stick with this model. for solid state I have found the pass labs amp don't ask why but the x 350 even the newer pass labs amps have a wonderful sound into the speaker. it hard to explain. it sounds like my tube amp . I always use Cary cad 211 mono blocks into my 801 diamonds. I have always loved the tube sound into the b&w speakers. all of them. but for some reason I am thrown a loop when it comes to nelson pass amps. It's just something I cant get a grip on about the b&w speaker with this amp. Now the amp does nothing for me with other speakers. It's not magical with any other speaker but the b&w.((( my opinion only))) how do you figure this out. I have put every tube amp I have on my b&w and the only one which comes close is the Cary 805 c 2005 model and the cad 211 anniversary edition. they are the only ones which come close. give me your opinion. I am hard pressed to find out how a solid state amp like nelson pass amps can give the realization of the tube sound into this speaker.
I have only used Krell in my big system. Tried Mark Levinson, but found it dark.

McIntosh will drive the 801D better than anything else.

For SS, try the MC501 mono blocks.
For Tubes, try the MC2102 monos.

I have had Matrix 804's and they sounded great with Levinson or Joule Electra. I think they work better with solid state because of some dips in impedence which makes them hard to drive for tubes. As impedence dips, SS puts out more power. Most tubes put out less. (I think I am right, but I am no expert). I sold the B&W after I got the Joule and bought Merlins. Good luck.
I play with a modified Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 300. ( including: tubes) I use the Nautilus 800N
In years of listening to friend's BW 800 and 801, the big krells are always a match made in the sky with these speakers.

the old ksa 250 + Jadis pre-amp = BW 800

the ksa300s + jadis pre-amp / blue circle pre-amp = BW 801.

It nice to have a tube pre-amp in that chain so sound could be more forgiving.

Or a warm sounding pre-amp mated with the Krells would also work