BAACH two week report

I have the BACCH4Mac going, easy to use once you get the hang of it. O M G! No going back. Will add another someday to my B system too. Did I drink the kool-aid? Youbetcha.

The A system room it's in isn't the best either. But now it sure sounds like it. 


@kennyc Don’t think it degrades sound. It sure is different. Lovely

For first time set up it needs a monitor and keyboard to use w/ mini. After that (mac uses command K) it works from my laptop using screen sharing used only if needed access to tinker. I aslo have made several screenshots of the setup and have used once to reset after a hickup.

If you get they will query you to make sure yr. DAC will work. My whole house system needs one setting on DAC (several Roon endpoints) and the Basch needs another (one Roon endpoint). It’s one button press


Wow, the Mac mini is enough to run BAACH? That great news on my wallet.

I’m assuming that the Mac is connected before your DAC, but I have a Linn DAC/streamer that connects directly to the Ethernet. For Roon, I was going to purchase a Roon Nucleus+.

Wondering if possible how to connect the the Mac+Baach and if I should run Roon in the MAC resulting in skipping the Roon Nucleus+ purchase.

@kennyc I think the mini can be the core too but I don’t know but they will. USB IN is used on my DAC for the Baach. But again they will know if yours is good to use.