Baby name opinion....

Expecting a child, a baby girl. I have never been one for unusual names but one that I have never heard as a name has been nagging me as a consideration. ....Stereo..... Am I just getting used to the sound of a totally ridiculous and cruel first gift to her? Initially our friends just laughed but some are coming around with positive comments... Stereo....
I guess it's better than "Mono", but I don't think I'd do that to my daughter...just my opinion.
I would think long and hard about naming a child that, especially in a world ever moving towards multichannel!

Seriously, it would make a good pet name, but for a person? Especially a girl? I wouldn't go there.

Now, I do have a puppy named 'Bean' which sounded ridiculous when our daughter first said it, but now it is really fun, some times she's a jelly bean, coffee bean, etc....
Many names that have a Latin origin end in "o" for males and "a" for females (eg. Mario and Maria, Antonio and Antonia). So some people might think "Stereo" is a masculine name. However, the word "stereo" is Greek in origin, not Latin ("stereos" or "solid", as in a solid image in the audiophile sense).

As to the "cruel first gift" point you mentioned, I think that Frank Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit, changed her name when she got older, although her brother Dweezil seemed cool with his name.

Still, beauty is in the eyes and ears of the beholder so best wishes with whatever you choose. There are many beautiful, distinctive, uncommon things and names can be one of them in our modern world. My daughters have uncommon names too.
Not keen on Stereo either, but we just named our baby girl Marley
- mainly because we heard of the name in the movie I am Legend, but the name has ties to Bob Marley which is cool.