Baby name opinion....

Expecting a child, a baby girl. I have never been one for unusual names but one that I have never heard as a name has been nagging me as a consideration. ....Stereo..... Am I just getting used to the sound of a totally ridiculous and cruel first gift to her? Initially our friends just laughed but some are coming around with positive comments... Stereo....
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A number of years ago a guy named his son "Bryston". Anyways, he told the Bryston people about it at one of the annual shows, the CES I think. He got a free integrated amp out of it! Good stuff.

Hmmm... so name your daughter "Alexandria" and then have a talk with the people at Wilson! It's better than "Watt Puppy".
if it were twins, a boy and a girl then Sterea and Stereo.

I hope you don't try for quints just to use.......yeah you got it.....surround sound LF, etc.
I would not name my daughter stereo--her middle name is Alexandra but not named after any equipment--take your time and find a name you really like --remember it will be with her an entire lifetime--Elizabeth may be on to something about hating you even from the womb--think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first-- also if she was conceived in a car don't use that name either ie. prefix --toyota--:)