Back to mono?

So, I am considering going to a complete mono system and I am interested in hearing from anyone who is currently running a mono system, as in one speaker, mono amp, preamp, etc.

I'm not particularly interested in the philosophical attributes of mono, but want to hear from users what their systems are comprised of and if they are getting joy from them.

And yes stereo, and mult-channel users, feel free to chime in telling me that I am anti high end (which may be true) and fell off a horse as a child forever dooming me to my infantile ideas.
I have a Pilot HF42 mono receiver attached to an Electro-Voice Centurion corn horn speaker and I like it very much. It's a vintage mono system using a modern, digital front end. Mono is different and you may not like it. You'll lose nearly all the soundstage/imaging. Mono does have dimensionality, but it's not the 3-D stereo type. What mono does do is give a better focus on tonality and articulation. You should also be better able to position your loudspeaker for best sound in a mono setup. One hidden advantage of mono is that for the same amount of money you will be able to afford significantly better components than stereo.

I would strongly recommend that you keep you existing stereo and if you want to put a foot into the mono world, then do it as a separate system. Try it first before making an all out commitment.
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I would suggest a single Altec 605 in OB or vented cabl like 612 or 620 (604's too!). The 605's if I am not mistaken is a combo of 515 and 802 mated together while the 604's are 416 and 806, which are two of the best driver's Altec ever produced. At around 100+ dB, you will not have a problem looking for amps to drive it to its full potential.

I run 604's in OB, or a 414 with 802D in OB for mono once in a while and I really enjoy how it sound. Use the old RCA phono circuit design (RIAA) with single ended amp (SET or Pentode strapped as triode)and you are set. I prefer using a mono cart like the Denon 102 and I avoid stereo cart converted to mono and stereo preamp switched to mono by combining the two channels. Enjoy!
Hi Viridian - a friend of mine has a single Klipschorn that he uses for mono listening, driven by an SET that puts out just 1/2 a watt (don't remember the make of the amp, sorry). It sounds fantastic. He also has a Garrard 301 that he uses with a mono cartridge. This simple set-up, in a nice room for it, blows away a great many stereo set-ups I have heard. He has been record collecting for decades and has a great many mono LPs from the great Blue Note years, and RCA and Mercury, etc. Don't have a mono set up myself, but his system makes me want the capability eventually.
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