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Just a bit of an update. When I inquired about a DAC upgrade in a recent post, it was suggested that I look at upgrading my cables first. Since then, I have done so (see my virtual system for that). Not over the top stuff, but a definite improvement over the mostly stock, generic cables I originally had.

System is sounding pretty darn good, but like most of us, you always wonder what a more expensive DAC will offer in the way of sound quality improvements.

Many of the recommended, higher priced DACs seem to include streamers and/or offer pre-amp capabilities. I have a good streamer and pre-amp and really don’t want all those components in one box.

Have any of you experienced a DAC which offers the sound qualities of highly praised units like the Mola Mola Tambaqui, DCS Lina, T&A 200, Weiss DAC501, etc. which their only function is a DAC?



Tubeous nervosa is normal.  Like a cold plunge it seems scary but once you do it you know the Why and it makes sense.  

Like you I have had a W4S 2.2 SE, it was better than a Yggdrasil but not better than a Terminator or Terminator Plus with or without a DDC and I2S.

I bought a used Lampizator Goldengate and never looked back at the Denafrips.  I recently upgraded it to GG3 status with the Engine 11, JL USB and new OLED volume and its now in another  world.

There is a used Lampizator Baltic 3/4 on Hifishark with a few years of warranty left, it has Engine 11 and JL USB.

@navyachts If you are not afraid of European products, then I highly recommend to also consider Métronome Le Dac. The people of Métronome in France make great streamers and dacs.

@tvad I have found a 2021 Bricasti M3 with a remote than needs the MDx upgrade so I'd be in for $3750. I also found a 2109 M1 that was factory refurbished to a SE at that time for around $5000. It could be brought up to M1 Series II for $3750 bringing it in at $8750. With your experience (at retail pricing) is the M1 Series II sound $6000 better than the M3?

There's also a member touting a Lampizator Baltic on US Audiomart, which you liked for around $5K but like you, I'm not much into tubes right now.