Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 vs Extreme

I am looking for a new preamp. I was curious about the preamp from Backert Labs. I saw some good reviews on them and they peaked my interest. My experience with tubes are limited, but I do have tube headphone amp- McIntosh MHA200. When listening to headphones, I always come back to MHA200 over SS amp. So I know I like tube sounds. Long ago I had Schiit Freya which was the only tube pre I had. I do not like veiled and thick sound sometimes I hear from tube gear. I prefer clarity / open / spacious sound with a hint of softness. I think the Rhumba can deliver the sound I am looking for, but just wondering if anyone has experienced the two models and share extra money on the extreme version is well justified. I will be hooking up the pre with Pass X250.8. Also I'd appreciate if you can comment on quietness of the preamp. Do you hear any noise when no music is playing? 


Member Terry London reviewed both the Rhumba and the LTA MicroZOTL and slightly preferred the LTA.  Just another option.  I believe LTA gives a 14-day trial FWIW.  Both are great and I don’t think you could go wrong with either, but the LTA also happens to be an outstanding headphone amp if that matters.  Best of luck. 

Just to update the thread, I went with LTA MicroZOTL Preamp with L2 upgrade. All I can say is that the preamp met my expectation. I agree with Mr. London's assessment in his review. I think the biggest strength for this pre is its ability to pull me into natural live sound. It still does have its own sound (all gear does, IMO), but I won't say its veiled or anything like that. A really good highend setup can take a listener to where the music was recorded. So you hear the room and the band. With MicroZOTL Pre in my system, it sounds more like taking the band into my listening space.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for natural live sounding preamp with convenient features.  

At a glance, it looks like these reviews were conducted nearly three years apart. He reviewed the Rhumba 1.1 in early March 2016 and the LTA in late November 2018. I'm wondering if he was able to compare these side by side in the same system or is relying on auditory memory over three years? If it is the latter I am seriously jealous as my auditory memory is good for about three minutes.

Just to give a quick update, been listening to MicroZOTL preamp 2.0 for 3 solid days, and I must say this kit rocks. Microzotl - x250.8 - falcon ls3/5a gb is a sublime combo. Extremely musical and enjoyable. I don't want to leave my hifi, that's how addictive it sounds... For those who owns this preamp, what tubes are you using? Any difference?