backert vs sachs preamp

I've been using a passive preamp and was initially floored by its detail, but the novelty has worn off.  I've read every post on the active passive debate and agree with atmasphere's comment that the passive is actually coloring the sound.  So I'm going back to active - looking for the best of both worlds - transparency and dynamics. Based on my reading and conversations I have narrowed it down to 2 to audition, a backert or don sachs.  The backert I can audition but the sachs I may have to purchase and resell if I don't want it.  Does anyone have any experience with both of these preamps? I will be using it with quicksilver M60s. Thanks.  
@majorc,Stop reading @atmasphere comments. I too had a passive (TCV) and he (along with my dealer and @almarg) convinced me go to an active and that too a tube unit!
Just kidding, but I love the Backert Labs. I always felt that actives are not as transparent as TVCs. But the Backet seems to have the same transparency with the added (excellent) dynamic slam.I have no experience with Don Sachs. Why don't you call up Don Sachs and see if they can lend you a unit for in-home demo?

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As as much as I have respect for Backert Labs pres, I think Don Sachs will let u try his pre for 30 days, and I doubt you give it back. 
Joseph Chow of Audio Horizons also has a capacitor-less preamp called The VRX.
This preamp uses coupling transformers instead.

@majorc  The Quicksilver is easy to drive- you'll be fine with either preamp!

thanks to all - I'll try to audition both - one thing I forgot to mention is I have only one source (a computer) - so I don't need multiple inputs - not sure if that would change anyone's recommendation -