Bad experience with Red Dragon Audio

Purchased 15 cable elevators from Red Dragon Audio for $149.00 (well attempted to purchase anyway). Paid for the product, got a email confirmation of the order, choose the shipping method which the price was waived as a promotion. two weeks now and no elevators or further corraspondence from Red Dragon Audio. I have emailed them 3 times to try and determine the status, no return emails, and there is no phone number listed for them on Needless to say I am very dissapointed because it appears that they have a decent reputation in the audio community. I finally called American Express to  dispute the charge and they did provide me with a phone number however when you call it rings like its an overseas call and finally simply disconnects the call. So I just disputed the charge with Amex and they will investigate from there. So just a word to the wise. When buying audio gear on line if there is no phone number that you can call and actually speak with a human about the product your paying for beware. Luckily I used Amex for the charge because they are VERY good at disputes and make the money on your card available to you at that time instead of having to wait for some long investigation to play out. curious if anyone else has had a bad experience with this company. 
I've had very good experiences with Ryan/RD. Excellent amps and great customer service. Not sure what happened in this case ...
I preordered an s500 amp and had a very similar experience. It took multiple phone calls and emails many of which were simply ignored. I finally got the amp after 4 months. Once the amp was hooked up it had terrible rf interference and I finally just sent it back. Very disappointed as well.. 
@bensturgeon SMH. Sorry you had to go through that. At least they gave you a refund I hope. I was not taking the chance waiting on a phone call as that phone call never happened to date. I guess with my dispute there is no reason to call st this point other than to say "sorry bout that" Even though if I do hear from him and got an explanation I would re-order the elevators because I still need them lol and at $150 for 15 that was not s bad deal. So the search continues. 
Bad service is bad service.  No excuse with the plethora of communication options available today...still, OP's experience was very different than my experience.  I bought two Red Dragon mono-blocks.  The guy was readily available by phone, and he and I talked both before and after the sale.  Afterward, he helped me determine the best output level's coming from my Mytek DAC/Pre relative to the Red Dragons.  I hope OP's experience was a glitch (and a learning experience for the company)...especially should I ever need to service my amps!
@educeus Its interesting that you had a phone number for Red Dragon Audio. They no longer list a phone number on their website, and the only way to contact them now is via email. Maybe you only get the phone number if you have actually received a product form them under some type of warranty.  Do you still have a number for them?? I am still hopeful that I get a call and get this straightened out. If that happens I will be more than happy to report that conversation back to this forum. Just an FYI I logged back into my acct on their website and my order is still in its unfulfilled status even-though AMEX has refunded my money, but its still in the dispute phase. Im sure that they are not able to contact him either.