Bad idea? Budget int. tube amp with Maggie 1.6's?

Okay amp geeks. I'm assembling a budget second system and I love having the Maggies as a second option. I also love the look and sound of tubes. Will the budget offerings from the likes of Cayin, Jolida, Antique Sound Labs, Sophia, or Onix have the juice to power the Maggies. Is it a good match? Who has been there done that? I'm counting on your wisdom. Please school me.
NO-You will need at least a 35 watt tube amp just to get good low level sound. The Maggies will suck a 15-20 watt amp dry in no time.

Find a decent 40 watt golden tube or similar and you may be happy. However, from personal experience, don't even try it with less than 60-100 watts.
Rogue Audio integrated maybe?...I'm using the M-120 Magnums to drive my Apogee Duetta signatures. Better bass than the Krell Kav-500 they replaced, just as deep and twice as musical!...who said tube amps can't do bass.

I have personally heard mags with an underpowered good sounding tube amp and it was bad. Sound was plain with no detail. Everything was foggy and would not play loud by any means. I would suggest after what I heard is to have at least a 50 watt tube amp. If you were to go solid state I would suggest something of at least 100 watt.

Good Luck and keep us posted of what you buy...
My local dealer set up Maggie 1.6's with a Manley Stingray in his used equipment room, and the sound was incredible. I would not have thought that 50 Watts UL would have done so well. I had owned the 1.6's twice previously and tried several tube amps that offered near 100W channel, and didn't have the dynamics that the Manley had. This one will drive the 1.6's without a doubt, and although a bit more $$$ even pre owned than you may want to spend...would be worth it for a quality made integrated, that works with the 1.6. El84 tubes provide tight, punchy bass and tubes are good sounding and affordable. A change of its 12AT7 input tubes to TFK or Mullards will take it up another notch

Good luck!
I have owned maggie 1.6 and tried Rogue 120 magnum and also manley stingray and quite frankly the stingray sounded more alive and is suprisingly a great match. I was going to mention it before reading the post above. One more vote for the stingray. the rogue sounded blah in comparison like i would expect most tube gear to sound with maggies in general, just no current to drive them babies...