Bad news for audiophiles?

In new study a bottle of wine priced at $90 tastes better than a bottle of the same wine with price tag of $10.
Are you trying to extend a bizarre esoteric one-off study article - specifically limited to wine - to all other product including audio... and it's resulting appreciation ?

...nobody in this hobby forum (with the possible exception of a fringe few) is going to drink that KoolAid that low-fi /no-fi kit versus serious audiophile systems will somehow follow a similar suit that quality build and sonic hi-fi excellence is a marketing mirage only in our pursuit and enjoyment of hi-fi gear.
That phenomenon has been tested and documented before. I'd bet good money that the same phenomenon applies to audio. Not - as Akg suggest - to mean that low-fi gear actually sounds as good as serious audiophile gear. But within "high-end" I'm sure this bias exists. The problem is that it's much easier to set up double blind tests with wine than audio gear.
"The problem is that it's much easier to set up double blind tests with wine than audio gear."

True - I can lift a glass of wine in each hand but I don't think I can even lift one of my front speakers anymore. Heck, if I'm doin' two-fisted tests with glasses of wine (and I'll need to do extensive testing and re-tests to make sure I get it right) I can guarantee it's much easier to get blind...

We hoomans occasionally do fall for all types of tricks or scams as we can be gullible and often easily distracted by peripheral or emotional influences (like purported price, as though price == value). But when we take the time to research (and synapse) we can still do OK (and the real bargain hunters will still find that wine or speaker deal). BTW - does that "research" result really surprise anyone?
There's always the possibility that someone may like a more expensive component for reasons that are real, and not imagined.
Uh....what do wine and cables have in common?
Some are red, and some are white, and they all turn green.