Bad news for audiophiles?

In new study a bottle of wine priced at $90 tastes better than a bottle of the same wine with price tag of $10.
I'm a bit surprised at how much you guys are (intentionally) missing the point. The point is that our opinions of subjective items like wine, fine art and audio equipment can be persuaded by the cost. Many years ago, a friend of mine pointed out that nobody is interested in a $2 old chipped teapot at a garage sale. But if you take the exact same teapot and sell it at a fancy antique store for $200, somebody will find it very interesting and attractive.
Sounds like worse news for those oenophiles that listen to their rigs!


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Ok so what's this got to do with audio? Basic psych. Most of of know these principals. There are many ways to fool the public into making bad choices. Ha! Look at our government. Ut oh that did it huh? However this principal does apply. On more than one occasion in between high end systems I find my self saying yes this expensive system is better but for some reason I really like my old Marantz reciever just as well even though its not "better"