Bad news for audiophiles?

In new study a bottle of wine priced at $90 tastes better than a bottle of the same wine with price tag of $10.
If you THINK something is better, it's actually better…perception is personal and 100% accurate although utterly and generally inaccurate by nature. My hifi rig, although not the most expensive or universally well regarded per se, was very successfully assembled using personal taste…who knew?
It would be interesting to see the same study conducted on expert wine tasters. And to take the question even further, what would happen if these experts were told the prices, but THEN told that in some cases the lower priced wine was preferred by a majority of their fellow expert wine tasters? Would this color their thinking and alter the measured duration of pleasure center activation back in the OTHER direction?

As an audiophile, I try to look for high performance to price ratio. But the result of the experiment detailed above is something to keep in mind when deciding on purchases.
"The really bad news for audiophiles would be if Diana Krall, Pat Barber, Jane Monheit and Holy Cole all went down in a plane crash"

Now THAT is funny Viridian LOL. FYI though NOBODY gets aways calling her Pat except Mom.