Bad news for home theater enthusiasts

Disney is ending all DVD and Blu Ray releases down under for Australia and New Zealand which may be a harbinger of what can eventually happen to the rest of the world. Their last release will be Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3. From now on it's streaming only for them.

It's a good read for those with a big investment in physical media as streaming still can't match the quality and the big players just don't care as there'll be one less product to make.

Are we going to see a run on blu ray players with prices going through the roof again like we did when OPPO decided to call it quits? My OPPO BDP-103 is old and the mid level Panasonic DP-UB820-K is starting to look a bit desirable right now. 

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Over the years, my wife and I have collected over a thousand DVD’s and Bluerays and we hardly ever watch any of them. I listen to music a couple of hours a day and maybe watch tv an hour or two a night. We thought that with retirement, we watch more movies, but it hasn’t worked that way.


Ah, I see the resident crank is here to ply his craft. I said physical medium is better than streaming. You come back with another form of physical medium I never brought up (in a way agreeing with me) and then calling me out on it for not mentioning that particular one.

A player that costs $4K without any internal storage and requires servers that run from $5K - $31.4K depending how they're bundled. Get real. 

Rather lame but quite on point for someone who stalks these threads with a grudge  spoiling for a fight. Get a life as well.

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Streaming quality sucks and there's no excuse for it.

No one has any clue if it's gonna get better anytime soon

@nonoise  Looked in the mirror much? Here is the post where you state that the number of boxes and cables are the issues with the low quality for Cable TV:

And really, price is an issue, people on this forum have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their systems, but now suddenly price is an issue. Lol.


Again, @nonoise , you inject yourself in conversation where you have no experience, expertise, or knowledge at all, then then you call others cranks. 


freddy, you're nothing but a numbers man, a bean counter. Your other hobby is collecting high end pocket protectors and slide rulers. Your services were of value at one point in your life but hanging out on an audio site to bust the chops of it's members is laughable.

I think practically every member would (and has) agreed with me on that thread. Some even PM'd me to thank me on that. They hear a difference. Others joined in to say the same thing as well and continue to do so and you continue to butt in on their threads to rain on their parade as best you can. Your ego knows no bounds which is your Achilles Heel. You're predictable

Are you hoping members here are going to stumble on all the data protocols you posted and be impressed? Or the argument you put out that until anyone smarter than you comes along, you're automatically right?

People on this thread have already stated they're into streaming and that entails getting the best service for the money. Sinking up to $35K on a video player would be ridiculous. Yes, the ultra wealthy could afford it but for you to imagine that everyone here has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in their systems shows just how out of touch you are. What's it like having one foot in and one foot out of reality?

As for injecting myself into this conversation, that big brain of yours overlooks the fact that I started this conversation. In your petulant need for revenge, you went and made yourself look petty and ridiculous, again.

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