Balance inputs on Spectral DMA200

Hi does anybody connect the DMA200 by balance and is it a true balance circuitry. And is it sound better?
I use two of those amps. They are not truly balanced as far as I know and I cannot discern any difference between RCA or XLR connections in my setup.
I can't remember if it was the 200 or the 180 i had. It was what ever was their latest. I felt i lost a bit of life using the XLRs. I seem to always come to this conclusion using XLRs. My EMC CDP offers both and using the XLR connection lost some dynamics, energy, and seem a bit subdued in the treble. I know some will disagree. If possible try both. I have never been an MIT fan but on Spectral i wouldn't use anything else. The oracle speaker cable is not your fathers MIT. If you must use long lengths of IC then XLR may be a better choice. My expereince using a 6 foot CVT XLR IC was bested by the CVT SI IC.
Having said that i would never second guess Detlof. I believe he has used and knows Spectral better than most.
Brulee, thanks for the flowers, which I certainly do not deserve...however, the 200 came first, so you must have owned a 180. Cheers,
On the DMA200(I also have two,too!), I have tried balanced
and unbalanced. Again I could not discern any difference
between the two types of connections. I use MIT MI350 Oracle
RCAs between the DMA200 and the DMC30sl preamp, use MIT MT770 UL RCAs between the DMA200 and the Avalon Radian speakers. I have talked with the service department at Spectral about using non MIT cables, they really frown on that idea. Networked cables really knock out the the high frequencies that could pass through(not a good thing).