Balance knob ..

So I'd say I've been a budget audiophile for 40+ years. Used to sell audio at Audio Warehouse in Cincinnati in the '80s. Currently I have a pretty big room with 12' ceilings, but different open areas behind each of the Maggie 1.7is and the Emotiva BASX 10" subs behind each. All driven by an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 and old CJ PV-10AL preamp. Listening mostly through a Bluesound Node 2i. CD player is a Panasonic Aventage BD1060 disc player. I have the sound, honestly, pretty damn great. But I am realizing a bit of bias to the left speaker. I think this is because that speaker has a lot space behind and to the side whilst the right has less and more complicated space behind and a closer side wall. 

I have always been told - and believed - that you shouldn't ever mess with the balance knob. But if the sound is a bit UNbalanced isn't that what it's for? Just to "balance" the output? But then I think with more signal going to the channel that the knob is turned to - which will screw-up imaging, soundstage, depth, etc., no? 

I am kinda stuck cuz I can't move the speakers or have a dedicated listening room. 

Move some stuff from behind the right speaker to behind the left speaker. That way both sides will be equally compromised. Seriously, would a mix of bass traps and room treatments/reflectors behind both speakers help. Maybe pull the speakers a few feet further into the room. 
That's the thing, I am not a dedicated audiophile like that. System needs to live in a much used great room and the "stuff" behind right is complicated house structure. Wife will not go for treatments. I have pics of the setup but dunno how to attach here. 
Just use the balance control. That is what it was designed to do...correct the balance with no drawbacks.