Balanced Audio Technology VK-500 (with batpak) vs Carver Signature Sunfire

Has anyone ever compared the merits of the Carver Signature Sunfire Amplifier to Balanced Audio Technologies VK-500 or 200?

I have both and haven’t done a proper A/B yet, but wondering if anyone else has?

My quick thoughts are:
The Carver can get sound from cinder block. That amp is incredible for the amount of power it can throw at a speaker. Not sure how good it’s dampening is though. Bass always seems a little flabby. A flowing, fun amp that is bulletproof.

The BAT VK-500 is very solid on the bass. Will quickly blow a fuse on speakers that have any kind of problems. Generally a grand, romantic very fleshy and alive sounding amp. I can’t imagine solid state can get much better than the BAT VK-500.

Just trying to decide which to part with...

I am driving Infinity Kappa 7 and/or 8’s.

Your thoughts are appreciated!
I owned the VK500 for several years. It will power anything. It's a great amp. I ultimately returned to tube power because I prefer that presentation.

I owned a BAT VK500 w/BAT PK for some time years back. it was one of the last few made according to BAT.

wonderful amp. No question about it.

I sure wish I had not sold it but had to to pursue other aspects of this audio hobby.

there is something about the use of bi polars that produces sounds which can raise goose bumps, though it needs a fine signal, tubed preamp, and really nice, but not 'killer' speakers to really shine.

don't sell it!!!! if anything, ask BAT if they still support it and see about updating the Caps.

Bob Carver does great things for sure... though on the SS side of the coin, IMHO, BAT wins this one.

have fun!