Balanced Cables for Meridian 557 Amp

I want to put balanced cables between 557 amp and 502 tuner both are dual mono. Does anyone have any experience with these pieces of equiptment? Also I have phono plugs on the RCA jacks while using the balanced leads but I'm getting a slight buzz (RFI?). Any suggestions?
I have the 557 and 502. When I went to Balanced connectors I used the shorter plugs which eliminated the Buzz sound of not using them. I went to Delta Labs Siver interconnects with Great results. Very Quiet indeed!! Nothing to compare them with other than my JPS RCA interconnects.Also have the 508.24 CD Player.Your slight hum can be from anything. I'm using a ByBee Signature line conditioner and upgraded Power cords throughout the system with hospital grade power outlet.
Very little help from the board. So I TRIED tara master inter connect and feel I have gotten it right. Spent 4 hours in amazment of my new system. the thiel 2.3 spraekers are full balanced and subtle. Any ideas about power cords?
I use Electraglide Silver FatBoy's on Cd player and Pre-Amp. A Silver FatMan on the Amp. Delta Labs 10 gauge copper power cords on Electrostatic Speakers and line conditioner.Very Satisfying.