Balanced Interconnect Recommendations

Hi everyone - Looking for recommendations for balanced interconnects for my Rega Osiris to my Rega Isis as I only have experience using rca's.  Currently using TEO Ultra rca's which I really like but wanted to see if there's any other options that I'm missing for XLR's.  I really value a deep and wide soundstage and wouldn't mind warmth as my speaker cables are silver.  Thanks very much
@almarg   The reason that balanced lines are going to be more resistant to noise is due to common-mode rejection so I assumed (incorrectly) that's what was underlying your points.  And yes, you referred to common mode rejection exactly in the way I meant as well.

Perhaps someone(s) on this forum who is using unbalanced circuits could do a comparison with RCA vs XLR IC to see if it makes a sound quality improvement in their system. My main system is fully balanced from input to output and I use XLR's only due to that topology.  My second system uses an integrated amp...otherwise I'd volunteer!
Real life experiences ...
I have the REGA OSIRIS integrated amp and the REGA ISIS VALVE cdp/ dac.

(1) REGA itself recommends balanced XLR interconnects between them . I stress-tested
their manual Recommendations with shoot-outs between high-end RCAs versus XLRs my shootouts, REGA was right .

(2) In direct cable bake-offs in MY system (emphasis added ...) against numerous high-end brands, NORDOST FREY XLRs were best of breed at their price points.

(3) Completing the NORDOST cables array with NORDOST FREY shotgunned speaker cables and matched jumpers was a further audio performance improvement.

I would like an eventual further move up to NORDOST VALHALLAs , but budgets are always a limiting factor.

highly recommended .
@akg_ca I too have the Isis and was wondering if you could describe the sonic differences you heard between using rca’s and xlr’s from the Isis into the Osiris. Thanks so much