Balanced Power Conditioner, need suggestions...

I currently have a BPT 2 conditioner (on dedicated line w/ upgraded outlet) that accomodates most of my system; amp, preamp, cd player, rptv & line doubler. The addition of the balanced power unit has made the most pronounced impact on the video side. My tv PQ has never been better. On the audio side the improvements are more subtle, more extended bass and quiter background. Overall, very happy with this selection.

My question, I have a dvd player, vcr and satellite receiver that are not in close enough proximity to use the bpt conditioner & are plugged into an inexpensive monster strip. This is not on a dedicated line, but has an upgraded outlet (a porter hubbel). Given the improvements I have already achieved with the bpt, will there be any additional benefit to do the following:

1. add a bpt cpc or ps audio power strip with an extended PC (2.5m) and plug it into the bpt?
2. get a cpc w/ a tranformer or small equitech conditioner for these three devices & plug directly into the wall?
3. leave it alone with the likely improvements being too incremental to be worth it?

Any recommendations or additional suggestions.
thank you.
Try a standard 3 prong extension cord from the bpt to these remote components. They will be receiving balanced power thru the extension cord and it will give you an idea of whether or not option #1 is worth it.
I also have a BPT-2 and find the video improvement great, but audio not quite up to my power plant P-300. I DO have the P-300 plugged into the BPT-2. Good luck!!!
thank you for the responses....

If using a ext. cord provides a benefit would you be more apt to use a good power bar like the PS Audio Juice Bar with a 6-7 foot power cord or add a small balanced power unit for these video items.

KSales - What do you mean..."wary of conditions"? Can you explain? I have been looking at equi-tech. They are definetely well regarded. I assume they are very similar to BPT. Have you compared them? I would probably look at the Son of Q for 1000 watts which I assume is comparable to the BPT 1. If I go the BPT route I will likely get a cpc with a transformer which is likely to be a few hundred less than than the equitech or bpt1. Similar pricing, I would probably be apt to try out the equitech.

Warrenh & HRCapers - Overall, the BPT2 has been a good addition. I have tried it with the amp into the BPT and plugged directly into the wall. I prefer it plugged into the BPT (lower noise floor ..additional low-end). The surprise is my cd player, Ayre cx-7. When in the BPT it provides more mid & lower end and a smoother presentation. Directly into the wall, the presentation is a bit leaner with pronounced highs and less refined presenation. I am not sure what one is more accurate, and I continue to go back and forth. I am definetly use to the leaner, less refined sound.

once again, thank you for your input.
Macct sorry for the late response. Have been out the loop lately with work. Anyway my problem with conditioners is that they in many ways take away from the sound. Equi-tech doesn't do this. I don't have any problem cleaning up or providing power which is not full of anomalies, but many of the conditioners will impact highs or lows delivered by good equipment. I would suggest you look at widescreen reviews very thorough review of their reference system. You can see this on their website. They use a combo of equitech power panel such as mine plus richard gray stuff. I have not gone that far but I believe they even limit their use of the gray to digital only and do not mix it with their preamps or amps. Check it out. It is not the last word but informative.
I recently added the Equitech (balanced power) 5wq wall panel which is a subpanel from my main power supplying juice to two pre-existing dedicated circuits in my 2ch system and four in my separate HT system. The reason I went with the wall panel is that I was going to add one additional power conditioner to each systems, thus the cost was the same and I have the capability of having balanced power to ten separate outlets. I also debated getting BPT conditioners, additional Hydras, etc. Equitech sent the hand built unit to my home on a dolly (350 lbs.) I had to find an electrician who felt comfortable installing the unit (it took most of a day.) The unit is mounted on the wall next to my main panel, located in the laundry room. Like I said, I already had dedicated outlets and Hydra conditioners. Equitech conditioner to my surprise significantly cleared my system even further with lowering of noise floor, better articulation of the bass, etc. the difference was more dramatic for video than audio.