Balanced Power yes, but from ?

You guys have been exceptionally informative, so help me spend a few more green ones. I am seeking a balanced power supply ( noise reduction & sonic enhancement ofcourse ), but I want to use it for my CD ( 30 Watts ), 2 monoblocks ( 600 Watts each ) and even my speakers which have powered subs in them ( 300 - 500 watts each here ). OK, so that is 2000 big Watts. Two PS1200's is a little too many $$, so I thought of getting either a CinePro or Equitech. There are several options here and I'd like to hear what you think if you had a budget of no more than $2000. for this. Less yes, but not a dime more. Thanks for the help.
Thanks (Rberes). That was a good article by Bill Whitlock on "Alternative Treatments and Psuedo-Science". I will be calling then to explore the matter further. This might be a more interesting concept than PS Audio. I wonder if Accuphase uses this principle on their "multimillion dollar" AC shaping unit ? Thanks again !