Balanced Preamp recommendations up to $5,500

I am in the market for a preamp with balanced ins/outs up to $5,500. I do not have a preference for tubes or SS. I am slowly weening myself off of my Cronus Magnum, however, for the next year or so, I will use this integrated as a power amp. I can use this as a power amp as I have already checked. I am fine with new or used equipment.

I have been researching Pass Labs, McIntosh, ayre, rogue. I am open to suggestions for the brands I’ve listed as well as any I haven’t. I’m looking for great bass, no harsh or etched highs, holographic deep image and soundstage. Sound that is detailed yet fun and not analytical.

Current system

VPI Scout 1.1 TT
Lyra Delos MC
Pass Labs XP-15 Phono Pre
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum (version 1 with KT120 tubes)
ZU Audio Soul MKII Speakers
ZU Mission MKII Phono and Interconnects
ZU Event MKI Power Cables