Balanced Streamer/DAC to Unbalanced Preamp

My streamer/DAC (Lumin D2) can output both balanced and unbalanced, preamp (LTA MZ3) is RCA only. Is there anything to be gained sound-wise by using the balanced outputs of the streamer/DAC via a specialized cable or adapter? Or just stick with unbalanced from source to preamp?

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The only time I had to convert was when I was trying to use single-ended tubed preamps into a pair of large solid state monoblocks that only accepted balanced inputs.  The best way to do that was through a pair of transformers such as the Jensen ISO-MAX products or  those made by Lundahl.  I used Jensen, but with either you need to check the impedance matching since the transformers are sensitive to a narrower range of input/output impedances before rolling off frequencies.

As the others said, just use the RCA connections.

Thanks all. It's what I thought but great to be able to get some quick advice here!

Check the specs on the Lumin D2 and make sure the output impedance is the same from the XLR and RCA outs. If there is a difference then that could mean using the RCA outs limit the DAC’s potential.