Balanced vs. Single Ended Interconnects

From your experience, would you expect a higher quality single ended interconnect or an entry level balanced interconnect to sound better when connecting two balanced components?

More specifically, I will be connecting a Denafrips Ares ii to a Pathos Classic One Mkiii and I currently have Audioquest Sydney RCA interconnects.  Is it worth getting some cheap Monoprice XLR cables or should I just wait until I can justify purchasing something from Audioquest (probably Red River or Belden BAV) in the future.   

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Though I might have read it wrong, I believe Ralph's (Atmasphere) belief in using equipment that adheres to the AES standard is that it minimizes cable artifacts (sound differences). Given that recording studios use such equipment, and their cables can stretch of long distances, it makes sense to use it.

So, if your equipment follows the AES standard, then XLR cables will/should not 'color' the sound as much as RCA cables. (And, from my limited experience moving between Mogami and AQ, there was very little difference in sound quality).

If your equipment doesn't follow AES standards, then any cable you use would be prone to 'coloring' the sound. At this point, it doesn't matter how much you spend, as your cable becomes a tuning method. So, you'd have to audition to see what makes your system sound the best.




Your equipment is true balanced design, use XLR to keep that topology intact; don’t downgrade 

I outlined my experience in another post. XLR hiss through speakers - RCA silence. Can anyone explain this? Pre is Aesthetix Calypso - amp EAR 534.