Balanced XLRs to cable RCAs

I recently replaced Knukonceptz RCA cables to balanced XLRS ( 3 ft) from Sunfire theater grand III to Sunfire symphonic reference amplifier. I think the RCAs sounded better, less harsh, ?

Sunfire recommends using XLRS, but, any suggestions?
Does your amp have a balanced/unbalanced switch?

Is the pin configuration correct & do both cables match?

Is there any difference in the materials between the RCA & XLR?

no balanced switch on amp

cables are same 3 ft length, XLR from monoprice?, not expensive, but well reviewed by users, 100%
first XLRS Ive tried.

the RCAs seem same heavy duty, quality gold plated const., better than others inc. monster.

AMP, PRE, pin config is 1 grnd, 2 hot, 3 neg., not sure what cable config is? are some different, how would you tell this?

Maybe you need to let these new cables break in. Signal Cable recommends at least 70 hours of break in time, and I can confirm that after this amount of time, they did sound much better.
If pins are same from amp & pre, then cable should be fine, as they should not be sold as inverting unless requested. You can check continuity just to make sure there are no shorts.

What I meant by same materials is are they the same manuf? Silver vs. copper, plated vs. not, etc. will all yield different sound.

More than likely, some break-in required re: Sid42

Listen for a week (or 2) then put the RCA back in & compare notes.
cables not from same company, Monoprice XLRs are 16 g copper, both gold platted, Knukonceptz RCAs appear better made, will try breakin.

Thanks all