Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I actually like the idea of dinner to get to know each other and figure out what we might like to do. From the posts so far, Reisterstown might be a good location for a dinner meeting. If you go to you will find a lot of posts reporting on meetings at someone's home and on the equipment used. I think comparing components and listening to new music would be interesting. It will take a few meetings to get to know each others interests and figuring out where to take this. It might be best to start off informally. Let's try for a meeting soon while there is some momentum.
Why don't you name a place to meet and throw in a few dates to choose from and we can see which date works best, how many of us can attend, how long we can meet, etc. As I previously mentioned, with summers end, school starting, after school activities and a busy work schedule, my availability is limited, but I am interested in trying to see if this can work. I don't mean to sound like a whinner with the "limited time and availabiltiy" factor; I just want to be up front or straightforward about my availability. By the way, if anyone is interested, I am selling my Rogue Audio M-120 Magnum tube amps for local pickup. I've posted an ad here on augiogon, but so far no takers (well, I came close, but the spouse factor got in the way of the buyer).
OK! How about the week after Labor Day, sat Thursday 9/8 or Friday 9/9?

Is Reisterstown a good mid-point for everyone? I could make some suggestions then. Or should we meet in Baltimore? I'd be happy to come down, but someone else needs to suggest restaurants then.
Reisterstown is fine for me. I'm somewhat in between Reisterstown and Baltimore so either is fine, but I'll vote for Reisterstown since that was the first pick . I'll have to check my work schedule tomorrow before I can confirm the dates; however, I don't see why I shouldn't be able to make time for at least an appetizer or dessert if I couldn't make it for the whole dinner. Anyway, I'll check in with you guys when I have more info tomorrow (unless a different plan for meeting arises).
I think that WHERE we meet is less important than that we DO meet. Reisterstown is fine. Since I don't know any restaurants in Reisterstown (I live in Baltimore), does anyone know of a place there where several people could get together and chat? Once we have a place, we'll have to come up with a time (probably more difficult).

Here is what I propose we answer when we meet:

1) Meetings (at least for the first couple). I'll volunteer to host one.
2) Local audio shops and manufacturers (I think Jolida is in Maryland, and BAT is in Delaware) that we could visit or have rep come visit us.
3) Other musical outings we might go to (orchestra, chamber concerts, concerts at Pier 6 pavillion, etc).

I would assume that meetings would generally entail getting together, having a good time (beer sometimes helps this), learning about different types of music available, listening to different people's rigs, and swapping components to see the changes.

I would recommend that we try to get together every month or two.