Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Here are a number of restaurant recommendations:

Bombay (excellent Indian restanrant on Reisterstown Rd (aka 140)

Harryman House 340 Main St R'town (excellent food but can be pricey)

Full Moon Pub & Grill 1100 Westminster Pike (regular sports bar on 140 a little North of R'town)

Canopy Steak House 607 Main St R'town (this one is out of the phone book)

Mari Luna 102 R'town Rd, Pikesville (Mexican, again out of the phone book)

How about Thurs, Sep 8 or Fri, Sep 9 at 7:30 pm?

Yes, monthly or bimonthly meetings would be good and visiting dealers/manufacturers would also be great.
In addition to the ones mentioned, we could also try to visit Stealth Audio cables, Deja Vu Audio, Sophia Electronics, or Mapleshade records. They're all in the proximity.
Sounds great. Its pretty much how other clubs work and how I would envision such a club here. The frist meeting will probably be the hardest to arrange since we don't know who each of us are yet, how many of us are seriously interested in making this happen and our line of communication is a bit hampered by only posting through Audiogon. I suppose when we get each other's personal email addresses it may be easier to communicate or we could possibly create a dedicated forum like my friend's club does on Audio Circle (as I mentioned in an earlier post about the Gateway Audio Society on the Audio Circle website). Anyway, I don't know Reisterstown all that well, but there used to be a Don Pablos in Owings Mills, close to the Owings Mills Mall. I think its still there. It would be a good place to have a beer and some nachos, meet and discuss everyone's vision. Those of us that attend can choose between just some light nachos or dinner so no one is scared off by a big commitment for a whole hour and half or two hour dinner in the event they should feel uncomfortable with meeting new people or even making a commitment to a club and just want to feel things out (hope I'm making sense here). Anyway, this is only a suggestion; I'm open to other ideas and places to meet. It would also be helpful for everyone to post in some type of a response so we can see how many of us are still interested. It appears to me that 5 of us were initially interested, but there's only 3 of us continuing this dialogue. In any event, these are just thoughts and suggestions. I'm not trying to be a dictator; just trying to keep the momentum moving.
Hey Drv. Just wanted you to know I wrote my post before yours was available on audiogon to read. All of your suggestions are good ones. Although I like the Harryman House, I think its too expensive for a first meeting. Mari Luna is nice very little family owned resturant--way better Mexican food than Don Pablos. I'm agreeable to whatever everyone chooses. I just think we should keep it on the light side so others will feel comfortable. At the moment, either date looks fine for me.
I live in northeast side of Baltimore but Reistertown is ok for me Thursday Sept 8 is ok for me also. Some one pick a place and I will be there
Sept 8 is OK w/ me. I'd vote for a pub/bar atmosphere but am game for almost anything.