Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
Hey Drv. Just wanted you to know I wrote my post before yours was available on audiogon to read. All of your suggestions are good ones. Although I like the Harryman House, I think its too expensive for a first meeting. Mari Luna is nice very little family owned resturant--way better Mexican food than Don Pablos. I'm agreeable to whatever everyone chooses. I just think we should keep it on the light side so others will feel comfortable. At the moment, either date looks fine for me.
I live in northeast side of Baltimore but Reistertown is ok for me Thursday Sept 8 is ok for me also. Some one pick a place and I will be there
Sept 8 is OK w/ me. I'd vote for a pub/bar atmosphere but am game for almost anything.
you guys are making me wish I was back in my hometown...Westminster, where the disease first took hold....have fun & cheers fellas
I can also do Thursday Sep 8 (but not the 9th). I'm leaning towards Mari Luna from people's descriptions. Any objections?