Baltimore MD

Anybody interested in starting a club or discussion grp
I am an african american who has been interested in hi-fidelity and stereo for some years now. Prior to going to Germany in 1982 we attempted to get a club started in the Washington DC area, but never got off the ground. I would certainly be interested in this venture, but would not be able to make the Sept 8 meeting because I am going out of town on Sept 9th. I live in the Randallstown area of Baltimore Maryland and not all that familiar with Reisterstown but look forward to the club getting off the ground.
Well, I just called Mari Luna's and they do not take reservations. I think it is important that we are assured a table at our first meeting. I went ahead, as per Hartwerger's other suggestion and since Mexican seems acceptable and made reservations for Thursday, Sept. 8 at 7:30 pm under "Audio" at Don Pablos instead.

Here are directions from 795:

Take exit 4, Owings Mills Blvd.
Take Owings Mills Blvd South toward Town Center/Randallstown
Turn slight left to take ramp toward Red Run Blvd/Lakeside Blvd and turn left onto Red Run Blvd
Take 1st right onto Restaurant Blvd

The address is 1 Restaurant Blvd and the phone number is 410-902-0300

I hope this works for everyone and look forward to meeting you all.

We'll keep those who can't make the meeting posted!!
Hi...unfortunately, I will not be able to attend tonight. Please keep me in the loop. Have fun!
Just an update for all those who couldn't make it -- we had a nice meeting last night. Four folks showed up and it looks like we may get this thing off the ground. We are tentatively planning to meet at my place on Sunday, Sept. 25, details tbd. Please email me directly for more info.